Boston Common Engages Visa on Lobbying Disclosure; Visa Leaves ALEC

BOSTON, MA – For the past year and a half, Boston Common Asset Management has been engaging Visa on lobbying disclosure.  After the company failed to take substantive steps in 2012 to provide additional lobbying disclosure, we re-filed the resolution in August.  Dignity Health, Friends Fiduciary Corporation, and Unitarian Universalist Association were co-filers.  Boston Common has led a shareholder dialogue with Visa on lobbying disclosure over the last six months with the active participation of the co-filers.  During the course of the dialogue, Visa shared with us that they left the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) earlier this year and gave Boston Common permission to share this news within our network of investors and other stakeholders.  We withdrew the resolution in December, given Visa’s progress, which includes improved policies and procedures such as board level oversight and an annual review of lobbying activities.  Visa also committed to listing any trade associations to which they belong that write model legislation and to providing enhanced disclosure on policy and procedure changes on their website.  We will continue to encourage Visa to take further steps related to trade association disclosure in the coming year.

Access Visa’s revised website

Corporate Reform Coalition Statement on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Shift on Political Spending Disclosure

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