How Can Investors Impact the Media?

Dawn Wolfe, Social Research & Advocacy Analyst for Boston Common, discussed how investors are responding to censorship by Internet companies on Ethical Investing, a monthly discussion at the Christian Science Monitor

BOSTON, MA – Dawn Wolfe, Social Research & Advocacy Analyst for Boston Common was interviewed on Ethical Investing: Where Capital Meets Conscience, a monthly outlook on work and money at the Christian Science Monitor.  Dawn discussed issues related to censorship and surveillance of the Internet in China, how investors can press technology companies to respect human rights and civil liberties, and Boston Common’s 2005 shareholder proposal on this topic with Cisco Systems. To watch the interview click here and follow the link to Archives-December 2005.

For more information please contact: Dawn Wolfe, Social Research and Advocacy Analyst, Boston Common Asset Management, (617) 720-5557

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