Human rights and renewable energy companies: what role can investors play?

February 28, 2020

PRI’s Nabylah Abo Dehman is joined by Steven Heim of  Boston Common Asset Management and Annie Signorelli of the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre to discuss human rights implications of the renewable energy transition.

It is crucial that the transition to a net-zero economy happens fast. But the transition must be both fair and inclusive for workers and communities. As such, renewable energy companies should be expected to create decent jobs and respect the rights of communities around their operations.

Nabylah, Steven, and Annie discuss, among other issues:

  • The main human rights risks associated with renewable energy companies
  • How investors can play a role in ensuring that renewable energy companies can integrate human rights due diligence into their operations
  • Recommendations for investors to ensure both climate and renewable energy investments respect human rights
  • What implications the risks associated with renewable energy companies can have on the transition to a low-carbon economy

Listen to the podcast here

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